Hybrid work management, integrated in Teams™

Easy to implement. Easy to use.

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Available on Teams™

A new hybrid model balancing on-site and remote work

Designed by a management consulting firm with deep expertise in transformation

Org@Work guiding principles

  • Hybrid mode supported by a collaborative tool
  • Fair, simple and transparent rules
  • Employee – Manager relationship at the core of the new work organization
  • On-site and remote work information sharing to strengthen social bonds

Our convictions published in the press

Manage your remote work policy

Fully configurable hybrid mode framework

  • Activate number of on site and remote work days, at team level
  • Manage monthly stock of remote work days
  • Guide user with alert messages in case of non-compliance
  • Shared views of on-site / remote work plannings

Manage your premises occupancy

  • Monitor on-site activities and manage occupancy
  • Ability to book assigned workplace or any authorized workplace
  • Occupancy gauge to facilitate on-site monitoring
  • Office occupancy dashboards : site, building, floor, open space, …

Global view of your organization

  • Data visualization of work organization, with drill-down to the team level
  • Integrated reportings : on-site presence, remote work, entreprise restaurant attendance, parking attendance,…
  • Office occupancy rates, from organization and space perspective

 “Org@Work enabled us to implement our remote agreements by steering and optimising on site employee presence and achieving balance between remote and on site” – HR Director, International Group


Customization of remote work rules

  • Flexible rules for each team
  • Customization at employee level to manage exceptions
  • Partial activity management

Teams plannings

  • Direct visualisation of teams plannings
  • Find & select a specific planning
  • Filter on a specific organization or spatial level

Flex office management

  • Monitoring of maximum standard & authorized capacity
  • Configurable authorized zone at team level
  • Individual configuration to manage exceptions

Easy & rapid implementation

  • SaaS Solution


  • GDRP compliance
  • Data encryption protocols (transit & back-up)


  • Multi-instance / single tenant architecture
  • Azure Security services

Integrated in the Teams™ ecosystem to facilitate user experience and reinforce collaboration

  • Direct access through a dedicated icon
  • Workflow duplicated in Teams™ Bot
  • Content sharing made easy

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