« We firmly believe that blockchain, both in its principles and technological potential, can act as a catalyst for business ecosystem transformation. »

As a management consulting firm, Lundano uses blockchain to aid you transform your business.

While businesses are increasingly developing new partnerships, the improvement of the quality of these relationships is of the utmost importance.

Beyond the traditional approach of organization-based optimization, blockchain allows for an ecosystem-wide approach.

Simplifying interactions, tracing information and securing transactions give rise to several opportunities for relationship reinforcement in a complex organization or vast ecosystem.

How our skills can help you transform your business

Process optimization
Project management
Organization optimization
Change management

Combining competences
Providing operational support up till implementation

Fostering an ecosystem of partners
Identification of innovative technologies
Feasibility studies
Project assessment

Our Five Teamwork Values

Professional Culture

Make use of our sectorial skills and vast knowledge of organizations.


Share the stakes, opportunities and limits of various technologies.


Prioritize a realistic framework with concrete inputs.


Say what we do, do what we promise.

Cultivating Change

Listen, illustrate, explain, motivate.

Examples of our skills in practice

Experienced consultants working in collaboration with highly specialized partners

Our Consultants

Our team of consultants combine strong project transformation and optimization experience with an astute understanding of the relevant technological challenges.

Our Partners

Lundano is supported by highly specialized partners in blockchain technology in order to better serve our clients.

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