Welcome to Lundano

A two-fold expertise to accelerate your transformation

A management consulting firm to partner with you on your transformation projects

Lundano supports you throughout your transformation projects with a tailored service offer

  • Feasibility studies, scenario selection, project framing
  • Operational assistance with tools, processes, data and human capital
  • After-action reports, audits and project securisation

An agile software company which combines business and technology

With Org@Work, Lundano offers an innovation work management solution

  • Support new hybrid work organizations
  • Secure safety and compliance with rules
  • Optimize office space management
  • Provide data to understand how uses change and adapt company policies

Our Five Teamwork Values

Professional Culture

Make use of our sectorial skills and vast knowledge of organizationss


Share the stakes, opportunities and limits of various technologies

Result oriented

Prioritize a realistic framework with concrete inputs


Say what we do, do what we promise

Cultivating change

Listen, change, explain, motivate

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